dimanche 10 mai 2015

Programming a C backdoor

How to Program a C Backdoor (And Infect Any PC with an USB Key, and Three Seconds)


- Program a C backdoor

- You'll need some good C knowledge and... an Internet connection

- Automatic IP recorrding feature

- Not detected by classic AVs

- Can be used for much more developped backdoors


1) Server Code 

2) Installer Code 

3) Client Code and some advices 

Pentesting on the fly series : Hacking With an Android Phone (metasploit, aircrack-ng, sqlmap, john, hydra, nmap, w3af...)

Pentesting On the Fly series : 


Learn how to hack from your pocket using an Android Phone :

- This is not Zanti Dsploit or Nethunter nor Pwnphone : this is Linux Deploy OPEN SOURCE

- Hack anything like you would do on a linux PC

- Be stealhy, quick and deadly : Launch your scripts, let it in your pocket and... Loot !

- Push the limits of our phone and of mobility

Click on the following Links : 

1) Setting up the environment

2) Metasploit in your pocket : Hack PC and Android 

3) Ettercap : Steal any datas from nearby networks, holding a coffee 

4) Scanning : Using Nmap and W3af and Metasploit to scan et pwn 

5) Exploiting : Using Sqlmap, Hydra, Reaver and much more to get shell ! 

6) Post-Exploitations, some thoughts and advices 



How to Exercise Your Hacking Skills in a Controlled Environment

- Online exercises
- Virtual pentest labs
- Virtual Machines
- Metasploitable
- Linux commands mastering
- Basic to advanced exercises